Are your marinades gluten-free?
Answer: Yes. With the exception of the satay marinade. To ensure the prevention of cross contamination we prepare the marinades at different workstations.
Are your schnitzels and kievs gluten free?
Answer: We do have gluten-free options available for our schnitzels and kievs.
Can I freeze my chicken?
Answer: Yes. We receive our chicken fresh daily straight from the abattoir so they are perfectly fine to freeze.
Can you add marinade to my chicken?
Answer: Yes. We can add on any of our many delicious marinades, these include; Honeysoy, Satay, BBQ Plum, Buffalo Chili and Lemon Pepper.
Do La Ionica chickens contain hormones or steroids?
Answer: No. There are no hormones or steroids in La Ionica chickens. The only hormones in out chickens are those produced naturally by the chicken itself.
How long will my chicken last in the fridge?
Answer: We receive our chicken fresh straight from the abattoirs every morning, so they will last approximately 4-5 days.
Is the roast chicken gluten-free?
Answer: Yes. Our roast chickens don’t have any stuffing in them and are gluten-free.
What is the difference between your chicken and other supermarket chicken?
Answer: We sell 100% La Ionica chicken, it is all processed chemically free and is free of any added hormones. Furthermore unlike some supermarkets which receive their chicken plastic wrapped and gassed, we receive our chicken fresh daily and prepared on site. This all adds up to unbeatable freshness, incomparable to other supermarkets.
When will deliveries take place during Xmas?
Answer: Deliveries will be on Saturday, 24th of December customers can request another date, but it will have to be confirmed beforehand.